**Rupen was not yet enrolled in the class on Wednesday, and of Sunday August 28, he DOES NOT have a blog link, nor is he on the roster**ImageThe classmate I spoke to was Rupen. He was a very friendly guy; he got along with the people around him. From the looks of it he seemed to participate in the first day’s group activities. However, when I tried asking him the question of the week, he kind of just ignored me. (Hopefully I’m not as annoying as this made me feel). I think he just had his mind on other things at the time.

In regards to the question of the week, I’m not sure where I would draw the line on what art is. Art is entirely subjective–what one person thinks or feels about a particular work or medium may not be shared by another person. But that doesn’t mean anyone’s opinion about something is entirely right or wrong, because most forms of art are open to interpretation (unless its definite meaning is explicitly said or conveyed). For example, it’s personally hard for me to see wild, radical expressions of art (like strange interpretive dancing) as art because it’s hard for me to appreciate or feel something for it. However, that does not mean my opinion is correct; I totally respect anyone who does see the dancing as art, but it’s just difficult to fully appreciate and understand it.