I was unable to make it to the Saturday meet-up at Seal Beach, so I had to go on Sunday. With the help of my girlfriend, we were able to make the plaster cast of my hand…

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Obviously, it did not go as well as I expected.

We got to the beach and began digging a hole in an area we thought wasn’t too close to the water…we were wrong, because a few minutes into it, the waves came up to us. So we began digging a few feet closer to the sand–not too dry of sand but not too wet either. We dug the hole, put my hand into it, poured the wet sand around it, and I “carefully” pulled my hand out of the sand. Then we mixed the plaster with water, stirred it, and poured it into the hole. My girlfriend made a mini sand dragon to protect the hole from the waves. Eventually, the tide got higher and we had to extend the dragon and make it more like a wall (sorry, lil’ sand dragon), and dug a tiny moat for the water to fall into. This worked well until it was actually time to get the plaster out of the sand. It took us a long time to dig carefully around the plaster–so long in fact that the tide rose even more and eventually just flooded our pit over and over again.

On the bright side, we finally got the damn thing out of the sand!

On the dark side, my hand looks like it belongs to Bootstrap Bill Turner.FullSizeRender 3.jpg

So, yeah, it’s far from perfect. I think I must have moved my hand around too much while removing it from the sand, causing big gaps which led to big lumps of plaster all around the hand.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg