Chris’ blog:

This week I met with Christopher Yuen. He is a very warm and friendly guy, and he fully participated in our conversations and took interest in the different things we discussed.

Chris is from Oakland, CA, and is a sophomore at CSULB, majoring in Fashion. He is into clothes and fashion, drawing, and breakdancing.

Chris and I shared the same opinion in regards to the Question of the Week: Is art important (in today’s society)?

We both said that art is important because it is a way of expressing one’s self, which is an important and healthy thing to do. Art is subjective and versatile–what one person sees as art, another may not. This means that you can’t tell another person that their creations are not art because it’s open to interpretation; a creation may not be important to you, but it is important to the creator and possibly someone else. Furthermore, you could argue that a house, an office, a chair, a bridge–anything–is art. They all took time, effort, dedication, and passion to create. They also all serve important functions in everyday life. Therefore, art can be important because one’s view of art can literally help people every day.