**As of this day, Daniel does not have a blog on the Roster page. His name appears, but ends in a question mark and does not have a link**

This week I spoke to Daniel Puentes. Daniel is a Junior at CSULB, studying mechanical engineering. He’s originally from Nevada, but he came to Long Beach for his last two years of high school. His hobbies include traveling, listening to music, and working on his car.

Because we didn’t have a formal Question of the Week, Daniel and I came up with our own after our Wednesday meeting. Our question was: What was your favorite gallery/piece from Wednesday?

Daniel’s text message was very long, so I will summarize it. His favorite piece was in Galtov West, by Lainey Atwood. Daniel’s attention was caught by the painting’s palm tree and the man sleeping underneath it. He believes the man was homeless, and it reminded him of the beach bums along the coast, “throwing it all away just to live every day in paradise. They enjoy living on the coast like millionaires with their house at the beach.” Daniel says that people may look at beach bums in disgust, but when he sees them, a smile comes across him because living on the beach is exactly what they want to do with their lives; he acknowledges how completely free and off the grid they are.

I do not have a specific painting I liked with such insight as Daniel’s. However, I personally enjoyed the Gatov Gallery West, with the paintings. I personally enjoy and prefer paintings over other mediums of art, but I am not opposed to other mediums. I do appreciate sculptures, interpretive dancing, etc., but I personally like paintings. I enjoy every artists’ different styles, brushstrokes, and so on.