Once again, my girlfriend, Sira, aided me in my art project (the pictures were taken by her niece). For backstory, we did the Automatic Drawing at about 9:00pm on Saturday, after having spent all day at Long Beach Comic Con (it was a lot of fun!). This meant that we were both a little sleepy and kind of wanted to get the project over with, since I wouldn’t have time to do it later. I am also getting a little sick, and we were surrounded by toddlers running, playing, and shouting, both of which further added to my emotions. In short, this drawing was produced by exhaustion and frustration.



We began with the yellow, black, then green, each held vertically. I noticed that most of our lines were loops and circles, and concentrated in the middle of the paper. After using each color a couple times, we decided to move the pencils around horizontally to create soft, wide lines.



We did this method a few times with each color, and even went back to holding them vertically once or twice.


I’m not entirely sure what to make of the final product. I like it–I find it interesting and engaging, in a way–but I’m not sure how to analyze it. To me, I don’t see any real manifestation of anger or tiredness; I just see some squibbles that my girlfriend and I made while trying not to fall asleep. I don’t believe the thin or thick lines have any meaning, other than we wanted to try both of them out. The only thing I can really “analyze” is the fact that Sira tended to move the pencils more than I did, so if anything, this is “her” project.

If you can look at this and come up with a meaning behind a line or squiggle, then by all means, more power to you. I would expect others to have different feelings towards this than me. If you can analyze this and defend your argument, then I condone you. If you hate it with all your guts, then that’s also good. This piece is entirely open to different opinions–I do not have a concrete meaning behind it. The most I can say, is that it reminds Sira’s niece and me of a turtle, somehow.