I believe this week’s project is my worst one (so far). My week was absolutely packed with homework and work (I just got my first job and my schedule is already bonkers). I could only do the Graffiti Writing on Sunday night after work 😦

I truly wished I had more time and space to do this. I’ve never really worked with spray paint and this would’ve been a really cool experience for me, but it just didn’t work out.

I was once again aided by Sira; she’s a very good artist and always shows me up when it comes to drawing pictures for one another. Sira helped me outline my bubble letters. Unfortunately (a word which may become frequent in this post), I did not have a large wall, piece of wood, or cardboard box on which I could fully paint. I only had a medium sized piece of thick cardboard. This means that the lines from my cans were really big and took up a lot of room on the small board. And this means that my first attempt came out messy. As did the second attempt. And the third. I couldn’t get the thinnest nozzle to work for some reason, so I had to use the second thinnest.

Eventually I just gave up and resprayed the whole thing blue. I then tried to just wing the lettering without any outlines or sketches…yeah, it didn’t come out very pretty. I’m truly disappointed in myself that this was the best I could do due to my schedule.

I do hope that I can retry this on my own. Graffiti writing is new to me and I’d love to give it a solid try. But this time just knocked me on my butt. I know it’s not great. I’ve learned that when it comes to something like this, I would need to plan stuff out better than this. I would need to get a large board and take my time on the sketching and painting.