I had some fun with this project. It was easy and fun for me. Kind of like last week, my schedule went to hell because of school and work, so I didn’t spend as much time on this as I would’ve liked to. Nevertheless, I had fun with this.

I have a very broad sense of humor–I’ll find damn near anything funny. And I’ve always had this idea of spreading what I claim to be facts around that sound almost true; “facts” that are most likely incorrect. However, the trick is that the common person most likely doesn’t have enough information in regards to the fact to prove me wrong. So, now it was time to compile some of these into a zine.

So first of all, the point of this zine is to chuckle, but also be confused and slightly let down. Who wants a book about facts? And wouldn’t a book about facts kind of disappoint you? Well…this book of “facts” will let you down. The only way it will confirm your expectations is if you were truly looking for fake facts.

I tore some 4×6 cards in half and stapled the tops of them (I wish I had time for proper binding, but the staples worked well surprisingly). Sira decorated the cover for me because she’s a much better artist than I am. She did a very good job, even using some color. All of this is to let the reader down when they actually open the zine to see that the rest of it is just drawn and written in with pen. The front of each page is numbered in some sort of style–block, fancy, a weird drawing of the Count from Sesame Street, etc. On the back of the page is the corresponding fact, written in my different handwriting styles. No real reason behind the number and writing styles, just to make it weirder. (I’m including some of my favorites).

Bonus content after the pictures!


How could I not end with good ol’ Billy Baldwin? My fixation on him will most likely never disappear. Rock on, Billy Baldwin, wherever you may be.