I believe I have prefaced my previous posts that I am by no means a great artist. That being said…I am not a great artist ಠ~ಠ. But with sketching, I can feel a little better about my abilities since it’s not supposed to be greatly accurate.

I really like the Japanese Garden at CSULB; it’s very beautiful and comfortable, and gives off a very relaxing vibe (which, surprise surprise, is its function, Nick). I decided to sketch a couple of the areas that I truly liked. The first one is of the east end of the pond, facing the bridge and the tall tree on the adjacent bank. I first did a 30 second sketch, and then a representative sketch (I’ll include actual photos just so you can actually see what I was trying to draw). The 30 second sketch actually holds the background of the entire “scene,” while the rep. sketch has the foreground. I personally kind of like the 30 sec’s tree, even though it doesn’t actually look that great. It’s kind of like a weird Dr. Seuss tree with its shape, but I like it.

I really like ripples and waves in water, so in the rep. sketch I tried to capture the ripples made by the bubbling fountain… it didn’t come out how I wanted it to. To be artsy and cool I tried adding diagonal lines on the water to fill it in but that just covered the ripples. I also added ducks to it, which ended up just looking like weird shoes or submarines.IMG_9487.JPGIMG_9488.JPGIMG_9419.JPG

I then did a 30 second sketch of the west end of the pond next to the bridge. It kind of looks like nothing, again, but it was 30 seconds. I found that lilly pads are difficult to draw in that amount of time–they just look like circles.IMG_9489.JPGIMG_9422.JPG

I later did a representative sketch of the bonsai tree/Zen garden on the south west part of the garden. I really tried to make the tree and its branches look good, but the trunk is too wide at some parts and the branches kind of look like poles with bushes on them. However, I am beginning to like how I sketch large clusters of leaves on trees–they’re just my style of sketching them.IMG_9490.JPGIMG_9421.JPG

Overall I had fun with this experience. It was nice to go to the gardens and sketch, even if I’m not a fantastic artist. It’s something I would like to get better at just because I find it incredible when people can just start drawing something really, really good in just a few strokes of the pen.