Joy’s blog:

This week I met with Joy Uba. She’s a senior at CSULB (this is her final semester) and she’s an Accounting major. She told me she’s in Accounting because she wants to go into business, and also because her mom is an accountant.

In regards to our Question of the Week, Joy said that she would take the blue pill. Although she’s never seen The Matrix ( ಠ~ಠ ) she said she would much rather live in the fantasy word because then she wouldn’t know the harsh truths of reality. I understand where she comes from, and in all likelihood, if I were ever offered the choice to take a pill I’d also choose the one that lets me stay in the world I know. However in terms of The Matrix (if I knew more about that universe as if I were truly in it) I would take the red pill because 1) I would be able to do impossible things. And 2) I can still love and appreciate the fantasy world when I’m in it even if I know it’s a lie.