This was a pretty fun activity to do. There is the factor that it was pretty easy to do–but I do like Instagram and posting pictures so I didn’t find it difficult.

When Glenn posted about the activity online, I was a little confused as to its point. Why would we just post pictures to Instagram?  How does that relate to our class?

It wasn’t until I went over the instructions a bit more and read into them that I started to get the idea. It’s to see what we post when we’re given a pretty simple and open-ended prompt. Will we, as a class, post similar pictures? What will that say about us individually and a class?

My pictures were pretty plain; I just posted things from throughout my day (I became too busy at nighttime to post). I posted a picture of my dog, a few of my friends in Art class, the Water Fountain at CSULB, and my girlfriend hiding under my blankets, sleeping, when I got home (I don’t blame her–she was up literally all night doing homework).



We waited a little too long to cut Myra’s toenails, so when I took her for a walk the previous Sunday, one of them somehow tore off completely (poor puppa 😦 ), so I had to get her to rush back home in the rain so I could tend to it. She’s a trooper. And she does look real dumb with her paw bundled up. When she walks, her right leg is all awkward.


Juan, John, and me (and Christopher, who was unaware of what was happening). Iiiiiii…need to find my good side and not look like a weirdo in pictures.


John and I got the same idea to take a pic of the fountain while walking past it.


Sleepy head.

Let’s look at the hashtag: IMG_9972.PNG




The largest connection I see is dogs. I think this is because on the activity description page, Glenn wrote #Dogstagram, so everyone decided to post dogs. Although, if you don’t share your dog, you ought to start.

I also see pictures of CSULB, classrooms (especially our Art 110 class), nice scenery, food, homework, and selfies (with or without friends). I think this stems from our requirement to post at least four times throughout the day, so people just took pictures of what they were doing that day (obviously at school, in class, doing homework). But the nicer pictures of scenery I can imagine were posted because they’re simply nice photos and they wanted to share them.

I also see pictures of people’s (mostly girls’) outfits and shoes. People do this on their own, so it’s no surprise that they’d just add the required hashtag to a few of their posts.