It seems only fitting that just like many of the activities I wanted to take my time with, I had to rush to do the final one at some godforsaken hour. Because of my school and work schedule I didn’t get to entirely enjoy finger painting. That being said, yes, I know it’s not exactly difficult to finger paint. But I did this at 5:00AM which isn’t known for its excessive finger painting.

Though I do admit, doing it while tired (I napped earlier, don’t worry, I didn’t stay up until 5, only woke up around then) gave me some weird artistic talents. I didn’t bloody paint the Mona Lisa but I did…well…I think?

My art kit came with yellow, blue, and green, so I had to make do with those. I wanted to paint a Christmas tree but there wasn’t enough green (or red), so I just…wiped my hands all over the paper. To be honest, I haven’t finger painted in a about a decade or so, so I was preeeeeetty rusty. But I think I got this bad boy down.

I just sat on the floor, dipped my fingers in a color and/or some water, and went round and round until it was all gone. It wasn’t difficult. I had no real image or subject in mind. I just went, “Green, here. Blue, here. Eh, a little more blue here but also some green.”

This activity is pretty different from our Graffiti Writing one, except for me doing them last minute due to time constraints–that’s bloody spot on. But I had a bit more fun with this. I had more control over the paint: where it went and by how much, how big or little the lines are, etc. I also didn’t have to try and make something in particular with this activity, which is easier (or more difficult, if you fancy) than trying to write your name with a spray can.

I think both spray painting and finger painting are great ways of expressing oneself with paint. You can make incredibly elaborate and detailed things with a spray can, and you can make something possibly more “raw” and “emotional” with your fingers, seeing as your fingers are connected directly to you and you can command them how you choose.

Honestly, I rather like the end result. Sure, there are better finger paintings. But this came from me–I did it and put in the work, and I think it’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll hang it up.