Nick Lemmerman

Art 110, CSULB

Artist Conversation

Wk 16 – Artist Conversation – Katherine Maleki

Artist: Katherine Maleki

Exhibition: [no official title] Buttons $5Made With Love in Long Beach

Media: Pen and colored pencil on paper, plastic button.

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None at this time

Instagram: @kdmalekiart


About the Artist

Katherine Maleki is an Undergraduate student at CSULB, in the School of Arts Graphic Design program. In her spare time Katherine likes to work on her art (like simply drawing). She also works at Long Beach Creamery scooping ice cream; she draws all of the label artwork for the ice cream.


Formal Analysis

To clarify, Buttons $5/ Made With Love in Long Beach is not the title of this product, as it does not have a title. It is simply a three piece package of buttons I bought at the holiday sale at the CSULB art galleries on December 7, 2016. I simply titled them what is on the package so I could reference it in this analysis without repeating “the package” over and over again. The buttons are in the center of the brown paper background. Handwritten (though copied for mass production) above them reads, “buttons $5,” and below them, “made with love in long beach.” On the back is Katherine’s Instagram handle, also handwritten.

All three buttons are one inch in diameter. They are all colored with colored pencil and a black pen. The first button on the left is of chick (either a baby duck or a baby chicken) with its eyes closed, colored yellow. The little curly feathers on its forehead, its closed eyes, and beak are drawn in black pen, with the beak colored orange.

The middle button has a light blue background, with white clouds at the 3:00 o’clock, 7:00 o’clock, and 11:00 o’clock positions. Written on top in pen is, “have a nice day.”

The third pin has a pink background. Taking up most of the button’s space is a large bunny drawn in pen, whose mouth and eyes are also pen. In the center of the bunny’s body is a pink heart.


Content Analysis

Katherine told me she just likes to draw things, ranging from cute to strange and slightly creepy. She likes to incorporate color into her work, and likes everything to have a certain aesthetic, which is the cute look of the buttons.

Katherine made several packages of buttons to sell at the Holiday Sale at the CSULB Art Galleries, all of them containing different buttons.


I really like Buttons $5/ Made With Love in Long Beach, which is why I bought it (when I got home, my girlfriend even got excited because she thought they were for her). I personally love things of Katherine’s style and aesthetic; they are just very pleasing and warming to me. I especially like the “have a nice day” button—I have always really liked this phrase. It’s simple and friendly, but also powerful. I also like the button with the bunny on it; I just find it really cute.



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